Make Your Mark, Artspace and Coffeehouse

make your markAre you vegan or vegetarian? Do you prefer organic? Do you like supporting fair trade? If you answered yes to all those questions then I have found the place for you. Let me introduce Make Your Mark, Artspace and Coffeehouse. Located on Reynolds St., the cutest street ever, I walked in the side entrance of this neighborhood hangout for a cup of their organic and fair traded coffee. I was served a 12 ounce cup of arabic coffee from Gumutindo. Gumutindo is an organization of smallholder coffee farmers who produce washed arabica coffee for the specialty coffee market. The mother is the backbone of the family on every farm, but traditionally it is the man who owns the coffee. Women marketing their own coffee means more income for the family and greater equality between husband and wife. make your maarkcoffee

Taking a seat by the counter, I notice how quant and fun this place was. They had beautiful art hanging from the walls and plenty of marketing opportunities for local businesses. On the back wall, they had an “art wall” where people could magnet their drawn art to the wall. The owner passed by me placing three plates of delicious looking vegan chili.  From all the way across the coffeehouse, I could smell how amazing it must have tasted.  I will definitely becoming back for a delicious vegan and vegetarian lunch.

From my cup to yours. Cheers.

make your mark2

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